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What determines whether customers will return to your business again and again?

Is the service you provide to your customers as efficient and productive as it should be?

Are your staff trained to their full potential to deliver an excellent customer service experience?

Does your team effectively up-sell on every transaction to maximise revenue?

Does your team understand fully legislative requirements that should be contained in their induction program and job descriptions?

In any dynamic, competitive market, service delivery is often the primary factor that promotes product differentiation and the driver for repeat business. The importance of a well trained, effective and friendly team can never be under estimated.

PHOENIX provides a suite of tailored training and human resource options to enhance the effectiveness of your operations team.

Our Training Courses

Our professional team of accredited trainers allows the delivery of cost efficient key training modules and human resource procedures tailored for your team and your business including:

  • QLD RSA, RCG & RMLV Courses
  • Hospitality Professional Program
  • Customer Service Standards Development
  • Up-selling Strategies
  • Recruitment and Induction Training
  • Position Descriptions Templates
  • A suite of accredited Human Resources policies
  • Customer Service Training
  • Occupational Health & Safety Templates

PHOENIX acknowledges getting people to attend training courses is difficult. We deliver our key training modules in your workplace, at your convenience, day or night. This ensures that the only impact on customer service is the improvement of your teams skills next time they serve your customers…

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