Profit Tracking & Contract Management Services


Do you monitor your financial performance on a daily basis? Can you measure the profitability of each trading period accurately and with confidence? Evaluating key indicators on a daily basis, provides a level of certainty by ensuring that business units are running at optimal performance levels in terms of sales and cost control.

To help Managers and Business Owners better understand, and monitor these critical performance indicators, PHOENIX provides a tailored KPI monitoring service. Real time business reporting allows Managers and Business Owners to implement objective controls, identify inefficiencies and make timely business decisions.

profittrackingAs part of our tailored solution, we collate and analyse primary sets of KPI data and deliver a comprehensive report that provides clarity in terms of:

  • Sales and Average Spends by meal period
  • Front of House & Kitchen Payroll costs
  • Cost of Sales
  • Gross profit by meal period
  • Productivity ratios by meal period
  • Recommendations for KPI improvement
  • Advice on industry benchmarks

Measuring Success – Our Tailored Solution
PHOENIX’s KPI Monitoring Service ensures that Business Owners and Operators have more time to focus on enhancing customer experiences rather than laborious administration.

Through the provision of real time, user friendly financial performance information, we provide tailored solutions that are comprehensive, timely, and accurate, in terms of resource allocation and decision making.

Our Monitoring Services Team have extensive industry experience in finance and analysis and pride themselves on understanding the dynamics of your business environment. Further to this, our models are designed to be flexible so that information is meaningful at all stages of business. The primary objective of our KPI Monitoring Service is to maximise client strategic competitive advantage.