Profit & Loss Audits

Unlock the Secrets of the P&L
Understanding the transactional history of your business is fundamental in planning future financial success. Many Managers and Business Owners review revenues and costs on an annual basis, but few measure trends and analyse anomalies on a continual basis.
Good financial management should yield not only short-term fixes that keep your business operating but also long term gains that keep it competitive. Timely, accurate and pertinent information makes the difference between a decision and a guess.

PHOENIX provides a tailored Business Audit that include:

  • Revenue Trend Analysis
  • Cost of Sales Review
  • Wage and Productivity Analysis
  • Operating Expenses Review
  • Profit / Loss Trend Analysis
  • Trading Hours Review
  • Food and Beverage Menu Analysis
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

We pride ourselves on thorough, fact based financial analysis and provide our clients with business solutions that can have an immediate impact on bottom line.

In Partnership with Business
PHOENIX’s Financial Services Team works closely with Managers and Business Owners to deliver comprehensive assessments of business performance. In addition, we isolate best practices, and identify key value drivers and critical success factors.

We use the knowledge gained during our performance analysis to make recommendations focused primarily on streamlining processes, improving efficiency, increasing productivity, and reducing costs, without sacrificing quality, service or morale.

Most importantly, we combine sophisticated methods of financial and operational analysis with extensive practical management experience to provide our clients with independent information that is critical to strategic and financial business decisions.