Mystery Shopping

How do you know exactly how your customers perceive the services and facilities you offer? How do you measure the quality of service provided by your team members?

Studies show that for every one customer complaint you receive, there are twenty five you never heard about, but everyone else did. To help Managers and Business Owners to better understand Service Levels, the impact of Marketing Initiatives, Training, and Product Differentiation, PHOENIX has evolved the traditional Mystery Shopper into a tailored 70 point evaluation.

mysteryshopBy securing factual and objective information, the subjectivity of reporting is eliminated, enabling Managers and Business Owners to track customer perception in the same way they track financial performance. A business can then allocate scarce resources to areas that need improvement, train it’s team members accordingly, and maximise strategic competitive advantage.

With a focus on South East Queensland and Northern NSW, PHOENIX’s Industry Benchmarks are not only meaningful from a geographic perspective, but reflect the tailored nature of solutions designed specifically for venues with like characteristics.

Our Services Evaluation Team are fully trained professionals who understand the dynamics of your competitive environment and provide comprehensive and meaningful feedback for making and evaluating business decisions.

A Tailored Solution
One of PHOENIX’s primary objectives is to establish long term business relationships with our clients. With this in mind it is imperative that we provide solutions that are timely, accurate, and meaningful in terms of decision making. To facilitate this, our 70 point evaluations are tailored to the intricacies of your business.

Further to this our Industry Benchmarking considers the principle parameters of Geography, Market Segmentation, and Operational Capacity, to ensure that results are appropriate, correctly weighted, and clearly defined.