Budgets & Business Planning

A Balanced Perspective
Who are your potential customers and why will they purchase products and services from you? What proportion of your financial resources should you allocate to marketing initiatives? How can technology enhance internal processes?

The importance of a detailed, well balanced business plan should never be underestimated. In any dynamic, competitive market, Managers and Business Owners cannot afford to be governed entirely by traditional financial accounting models. These financial measures are not only focused on past transactions, but are inadequate in terms of creating future value through investment in Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Processes, Technology, and Innovation.

PHOENIX uses a Balanced Scorecard framework to translate strategic vision into operational direction. This format ensures a balanced perspective in terms of making and evaluating business decisions and provides structure when implementing change, managing risk or pursuing opportunities.

It is our philosophy that the key to successfully managing the financial, administrative, and operational dynamics of your business, lies in the ability to clearly articulate organisational direction.

The Essential Ingredients
The Macro Business Plan is designed to provide strategic direction in terms of key performance indicators, and centres around four core business elements:

  • Brand Development & Customer Engagement
  • Financial Control & Budgeting
  • Internal Process Management
  • Planning and Development

The Micro Business Strategy is an extension of the Macro Business Plan and focuses on tactical and operational detail.

PHOENIX combines these two core elements to provide Managers and Business Owners with a comprehensive planning solution that clearly defines business goals and objectives and ensures a structured approach to decision making.