Welcome to Phoenix Hospitality and our suite of professional Hospitality products and services.


PHOENIX Hospitality & Training is a leader in the provision of business services and training for the Hospitality industry.

We are proud to be associated with International Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Café’s, Casino’s, Registered Clubs, Pubs, Universities, Motels and Not for Profit Organisations. We are based South East QLD in Australia and offer our services nationally.

Our aim is simple – to maximise profitability for Hospitality Business Owners and Managers through our services. We help you improve the key areas of your business to make it successful – your people, your financial performance and your major cost lines.

With a genuine desire to build long term relationships with our clients, we look forward to working with you and improving your business returns. Contact us  to find out what services we are able to offer your business or view our selection of hospitality training courses.

Welcome to Phoenix Hospitality…